Avenir Design has been providing builders a design and drafting service since January 2000. We have designed a few Townhouses over these years, and must say that we have been delighted with the outcome.


Contemporary Designs


Townhouses design are base on our modern design approached. Avenir like to use and specify current building material on our project.

Highly Detailed Drawings


We ensure that the design of our Townhouses provide good size bed rooms and modern kitchen. There is plenty of parking space and adequate landscape area specify in our design.


Providing building design and drafting services to registered builders and the community over the last 20 years.

Clear & Accurate Drawings

Precise Drawings


Our drawings are clear and accurate. We ensure that all the dimensions are easy to read. Avenir ensure that there is always relevant section details on the working drawings

Easy to Read

Only relevant details are shown on working drawing. Every effort is made to ensure that the work drawings are easy to read.



We ensure that our Townhouses are modern and spacious. Avenir Design ensure that our drawings very well detailed.


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Contemporary Design

Avenir provides good details on the working drawings. This ensure that the builder has all the information needed.

Colonial Design


Section and insert details are shown on our working drawings. We make sure that they are clear, accurate and easy to read.

Hign-end Designer Homes

Modern design and the use of latest materials found on the market.

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